Product Support

Gibson Guitars - Simply the best guitars available.
Support - Tina Simpkin, Matt Ferguson
Marshall Amplification - JCM 800's , JVM 410, SLP Plexi Reissue - My favorite amps of all time
Support - Paul Marshall, Jennifer Plonski
Celestion Speakers - Guitar speakers, Vintage 30's
Support - John Paice
Ultimate Ears - I use the UE-7 Pro on stage.
Support - Lori Bradley
Toad Works USA - Premium built effects pedals.
Support - Ryan Dunn
ARS Custom Guitars - The finest quality craftsmanship in custom guitar work.
Support - Achim Schloeffel

Godin - These unique instruments rank at the top of my favorite guitars.
Support - Mario Biferali, Fred Di Santo

Drive Savers - The leaders in hard disk data recovery
Support - John Christopher
Jim - Jim's stomp boxes and accessories are the best!
Serato - The best time compression / expansion, pitch shift plug-in for Pro Tools!
Support - Scott Bulloch
IK Multimedia - IK's Amplitube 2, offers top notch amp modeling for recording guitarists.
Support - Derek Floyd, Gary Kerzner
Tone Pros - Guitar Parts / Bridges
Support - Wookie
Digitech Electronics - Whammy pedal me to death!!
Support - Paul Muniz
EMG Pickups - Active Pickups
Support - Scott Ferrara - Cable Assemblies & Contract Manufacturing.
Support - Dawn Cushman, John Vitale

TC Electronic - Nova Mod and Nova Delay. Studio quality effects for guitar
Support - Esben Slot Sørensen

Dean Strings and other good things.
Support - David Lienhard
McDSP- Some of my favorite ProTools plug-ins
Support - Ralph Richbourg Great stomp boxes Guitar effects , Echo Pro, Mod Pro are two of my favorites. Support - Tim Godwin, Valerie Corabi
Visual Some of the best sounding boutique pedals around.
L.A Sound Custom Electronics and Tone specialists




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